This album is dedicated to Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields) and his record "69 Love Songs" on it's 20th anniversary! Gal Musette recorded and wrote these tunes years ago, beginning in 2013 when Grace (songwriter and singer) was fourteen and Brent (guitarist, percussionist, etc) was in his early 20s. Our endeavor to make 70 Love Songs was in no way an attempt to "one up" The Magnetic Fields masterpiece album, but rather a creative experiment and way to honor how inspiring the art was (and is) to us. After along time spent sitting on these tracks we've decided to release them, in three discs sporadically. Thank you Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields for giving us the beautiful music that inspired us, having us open for your two shows back in 2014, and for being an enormous part the reason we are still writing, recording, and performing music 6 years later. Thank you Robert Elfaizy for recording, engineering, and mastering all of these tracks, and to all the family and friends that supported us!