Autumn passed by like a dream

I was floating around with you and I lost everything

I awoke yesterday with the sun in my eyes, illuminating reality

An emptiness struck me and settled inside 

But it shook me awake and gave me my sight 

and as we lay side by side 

the first line fell between us

Between the skies and the surface of the sea

The line of the horizon was blurred and surreal

now that it’s clear- I don’t know how to feel

Once I was floating in a shallow millpond 

Before I knew what happened, 

I drifted to sleep into fathers arms, but he was already fading away 

into the blinding glare of the sun

he motioned with his hand for me to come

but the grip of my soul rooted me, I couldn’t obey

Autumn passed by in a daze 

Your absence is clear as a cloudless sky

now something’s changed, our ruby moon is no longer in phase

As springtime arrives, a threshold awaits 

and you said you’d meet me at the gates

But you see, I never thought of it that way

Nothing will change the way we see

Nothing can change reality 

Nothing will change the way we see

Nothing will change you, Nothing will change me