Gemini, hummingbird, willow of the garden. 

Your branches are the bridge above the thorns. I’ve crossed this bridge by the blushing daybreak everyday since I was born. 

Fairy queen, silver swan, spirit of the morning. I heard you in the kitchen by yourself. Clinking, clanking, clattering and humming the most peaceful music I’ve ever beheld. 

Gemini, ray of light, primrose of the garden. Your secret youth is glowing in your smile. In the ocean your melodic laughter rings out and for a moment you’re a child. The rain is falling on the red tile roof and tears are brimming in your eyes. Where do you go when you walk alone? What do you leave behind?

Hand in hand we run away from our trials tomorrow and walk on our bare feet along the sea. I cling onto your soft fleeting grip. But you were never clinging on to me.